Dr. Ahmed Qaraghuli

dr ahmed

Dr. Ahmed Qaraghuli

M.B. ch. B. (IRQ), MMDSc [anat] (Mal), PD [aest] (Mal), PD [aest] (Paris)

Dr Ahmed graduated from Al-Mustansiriyah Medical University in Iraq, one of the pioneers and first medical schools in the Middle East.

After finishing a two-year period of compulsory service under the ministry of health; he joined the Master of Basic Medical Science under the International Islamic University Malaysia.

Subsequent to acquiring his master degree in anatomy; he worked for few private universities and in affiliation with the royal college of surgeons. Soon after, he joined master program under the department of surgery in University Kebangsaan Malaysia as a medical officer then as a registrar where he trained in different units of general surgery in addition to urology, cardiothoracic, plastic, neurosurgery and pediatric surgery subspecialties as well.

Dr Ahmed has also been trained in Aesthetic medicine and possesses two advanced professional diplomas in aesthetics. He’s an occasionally invited examiner for a number of private medical schools with a good track record of publications in local as well as international medical journals not to mention a frequently invited reviewer for British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Dr Ahmed Qaraghuli is currently practising in KL Eco City clinic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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