Lymphogranuloma Venereum

What is LGV? LGV is short for Lymphogranuloma Venereum. It is an infection of the urinary tract, throat and/or rectum. The main culprits of LGV are three different kinds of Chlamydia, a STD/ STI (sexually transmitted infection) However, the same bacteria that cause genital Chlamydia does not cause LGV.  It is very common in Africa,

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Vaginal Lumps & Bumps

Vaginal Lumps & Bumps

Noticed a lump on your vagina?  Not sure if it is something to worry about?  Before you start to panic, read on to find out more about the common causes of lumps and bumps around your genital area.   Harmless Bumps You can get bumps in the genital area that are harmless. These include Cysts,

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Feelings Matter

Does being diagnosed with HIV/ STI link to having Depression? Did you know? The higher the frequency of depressive symptoms, the higher the risk of being diagnosed with an STD increases within one year for persons of both genders. Yes, you read that right, both genders! Depression is the most common mental health disorder among those

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Oral Sex & STI Transmission

Recurrent Herpes & Dating! – Life With Herpes

After receiving a Herpes diagnosis, feeling unlovable and hopeless about the future are the most common thoughts. Over time, you will soon realize that having an STI isn’t a life sentence—and you are worthy of pleasure. Until you have contracted any form of STI, you wont realize the STI stigma around you. The typical stereotype

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Apa yang anda perlu tahu tentang Penyakit Kelamin (Sexually Transmitted Disease-STD)

Jika anda aktif dalam hubungan kelamin, anda berisiko untuk dijangkiti Penyakit Kelamin (STD). Kondom tidak melindungi anda dari dijangkiti Penyakit Kelamin (STD), mengejutkan bukan? Di dalam satu kajian, secara faktanya , kondom hanya mampu mengurangkan risiko anda dijangkiti HIV ( Human Immunodeficiency Virus )  sebanyak 85 hingga 94% sahaja. Oleh itu, amat disyorkan untuk anda menjalani pemeriksaan

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HIV Anxiety

I feel numb! My muscles are painful! My mouth is dry! Are these related to STIs? Do i have HIV? Am I going crazy? Please help me doctor!  These are the most common questions one would ask when they had a risky encounter recently. So? Do they really have STI? Do these symptoms actually mean

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I’m Afraid To Test For HIV!

Did you know, that despite having 98% of effectiveness in preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STD) while using a condom (if used perfectly) there still are chances for one to contract it. Condoms protect against various STDs with different efficacies as well. It may be up to 99% in terms of preventing things like HIV, but

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Herpes Treatment and Testing

For herpes treatment and herpes testing at Dr. Tan & Partners (DTAP) Clinic in Malaysia. ========= HERPES! It’s everywhere. Everywhere, you ask? Yes, it’s got a huge presence across the globe knowingly affecting every continent we can identify. Multiple studies show that it has a penetration rate of more than 70% amongst the European population.

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