What You Need to Know About Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)


What You Need to Know About Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

As long as you are having sex, you are at risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).


This is going to be a surprise to you, but condoms do not protect you from all sexually transmitted diseases.

In fact, research has shown that a condom only reduces the risk of transmission of HIV by 85 to 94% only. Therefore, regular testing is essential especially if you are not in a monogamous relationship.

Here we will provide a list of some of the most common STDs and how they typically present.

Keep in mind, a lot of the STDs may not produce any symptoms all the time.

Types of STDs

  1. Genital warts/Human papilloma virus (HPV)
  2. Gonorrhoea
  3. Chlamydia/Lymphogranuloma venereum
  4. Mycoplasma genitaliae
  5. Ureaplasma urealyticum
  6. Trichomonas vaginalis
  7. Bacterial vaginosis/Gardnerella
  8. Hepatitis A/B/C
  9. Syphillis
  10. Candidia
  11. Herpes simplex type I/II
  12. Molluscum contagiosm
  13. Crab lice
  14. Scabies
  15. Chancroid
  16. Granuloma inguinale
  17. Tinea cruris
  18. Gardnerella vaginalis

STD Syndromes

  1. Penile discharges
  2. Vaginal discharges
  3. Pain during urination
  4. Lymph nodes
  5. Lumps and bumps
  6. Pain when having sex/Vaginitis
  7. Itch in the genital area
  8. Genital sores (painful/painless)

This is the most common STD in developed countries. Unfortunately, 40% to 60% of men and up to 80% of women may not have any symptom while they have the infection. Sometimes, the symptoms can be very subtle that it is easily brushed off by patients and even some doctors if a detail sexual history is not taken.

Some of the ways chlamydia presents is pain when passing urine, discharge from the penis and vagina. Besides this, it can also present as sore throat and anal discharge if you are the receptive (Giving) partner in oral sex and receptive partner in anal sex respectively.

The common symptoms are pain passing urine, discharge from the penis or vagina.

Similar to chlamydia they can present with pain when passing urine, discharge from the penis or vagina and anal discharge. The symptoms typically occur within a couple of days after and exposure but there are reported cases of symptoms appearing a few months after an exposure. However, it has been reported that approximately 10% of the people may not have any symptoms at all.

These are typically caused by bugs such as Mycoplasma sp, Ureaplasma sp and many more.

Unfortunately most of these infections may not show any symptoms. When they do show symptoms they are typically mild discomfort passing urine or a mild discharge.

The perception most people have of patients infected with HIV are patients who are already in the AIDS phase of the infection.

In the initial phase of HIV infection, most people do not show any symptoms. Even when they do present, which is more commonly about 3 to 4 weeks after an exposure, they present as fever, sore throat, rash and swollen lymph nodes. As you can see these symptoms are very common in infections such as the common cold.

This is one of the most common infections in the world. Most of the people are not aware that they have been infected by this virus which transmits through skin to skin contact. This is because a lot of people may not show symptoms or the symptoms are so mild that they go unnoticed.

However, for patients who do experience symptoms, their first episode is usually the worse and may last up to 3 weeks without treatment. The flairs tend to be less frequent and severe over time. They may present commonly as painful blisters that burst to form painful ulcers. These symptoms are usually preceded by itching, tingling or mild pain in the infected area just before a flair.

Hepatitis AB and C
A lot of patients usually develop symptoms so mild that they go unnoticed. These include nausea, fever, itching, loss of appetite, yellowing of the eyes and skin.
However, some people may never develop any symptoms and are usually diagnosed after further investigation on a patient who presents with an abnormal liver function test.

The symptoms of syphilis varies depending on the phase of infection the patient is in and may present between 9 to 90 days after an exposure. This include a painless ulcer at the infected site, which will disappear without any treatment. This is why it may go unnoticed. If not treated, it will appear years later with a rash all over the body. If it goes untreated after this phase, it may spread to other parts of the body such as brain and major blood vessels causing detrimental effects.

Molluscum Contagiosum
This is caused by a virus called Pox virus and usually appears as separate pearly round painless bumps/lesions on the skin.

A lot of the time, HPV may not show symptoms. It can infect the skin, mucosal surfaces and cervix. Most commonly it appears as a skin colored cauliflower like lumps on the skin. However, this virus is known to cause cancers of the cervix, anus, penis and many more. The good thing is that vaccination is now available for this virus.

Scabies and Lice

These are caused by translucent tiny insects and that can be seen under good lighting and magnification.

They usually present with a lot of itching in the groin region, which is worse at night.

Note: Please remember that you can catch an STD and show no symptoms. If you feel you are at risk, go for STD screening.

Please contact our clinics for more information.


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  1. John

    Hello Doctor,
    I had a non protective sex a week ago. HIV doesn’t show a symptom in earlier stage right? but if I get tested and treatment will I be able to avoid it ?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      HIV ARS is not likely to show immediately but you can start having non specific symptoms starting from a week till about a month from period of potential exposure.
      Testing at this stage is not going to help you avoid contracting the disease. It is unreliable for one, and you have already passed the period to start taking Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP).

  2. Julie

    Hi Doctor,
    Can I get STDs from sitting on a toilet?

  3. Morgan

    Hi Doctor,
    If I have children, will my STDs infect them ? Should I not kiss them or hug them?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      No sir,

      The infections rarely spread through hugging or kissing your children. I assume though that you do not french kiss your children.

  4. Jenny

    Hi Doc,
    Can I get STDs with oral sex ?

  5. Herman

    Hi Doctor,
    Is there a cure for Herpes?

  6. Vern

    Is it true that STD can be transfer from intimate skin to skin ? Just curious.

  7. Jess

    Hi Doctor,
    Is there anything I need to know before going to the test ?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      A well educated patient is better to deal with as this means you’ll be better prepared. So likely, we’d like you to know everything about it before the actual test.

  8. Lee

    Hi Doctor,
    Is there a way I can avoid contracting STDs ?

  9. Megan

    Hello Doctor,
    Can STD being transmitted through saliva, like during kissing ?

  10. supernakal

    Is negative result from alere 4th gen combo test at 14, 28, 91day post exposure conclusive? Did i need to test again in 6 month?

  11. Nick

    hi Dr,
    I have did two 4th generation Elisa ag b test at 29 days and 54 days and laboratory HIV antibodies test at 80 days all come back negative. Do u think it is conclusive and how much is the anonymous test at your clinic?

  12. Albert

    If I had protected/safe sex with a sex worker which she shared that she is tested and HIV negative, what are the chances that I might contract HIV?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      If you are confident that she is not harbouring the virus in any way, the chances of you picking up the virus by chance from specifically this point of contact is nil

  13. San

    Hi sir, i have oral sex with club girl 2 month back.. when i had sex after 2 weeks got light cold and i took amozil 500 got diarrhear 3 times and skin allergy in my groin area.. i went doctor he specialist for aids. But after seen my patches he said told me it is eczema .and me gave red tablet and fluconzole tablet and ointment.is any chance whether will it he hiv. My patches completly gone.also gave my blood for std test

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      If a specialist has diagnosed you with eczema, I’m inclined to go with that. You’re saying a blood test for STIs were done as well, what are the results? Was it tested accurately outside the window period? These are things that will determine if you have an infection or not. With the advancements modern medicine is doing, asking questions of chances and possibilities should diminish.

      • San

        Hi Sir,
        After 45 days of my oral sex activity got yesterday. Report saying negating do i need to do repeat the test.
        Also why eczema coming very often, is there any way to cure or control.

        Thanks & Regards,

        • San

          Hi Dr,
          Any reply…pls..

        • Dr. Kaarthig

          Sorry, I really do not understand your question

          • San

            Hi Sir, Sorry typo Error .. From the day when i had oral sex after 45th days i took the blood test and got 2 days back that report saying negative.I also shared u about my eczema infection for about 1 to 2 weeks, cold and diarrhea for 2 days.Do i need to do repeat my blood test again (my window period is 40 to 45 days which
            i took currently)

            Thanks & Regards,

          • Dr. Kaarthig

            You have a lot of unanswered questions that need further probing. Please come in for a consultation to sort these issues out.

  14. D’cool

    Hi Doctor….
    If my sex partner is infected with HIV, will myself 100% infected with HIV as well after one time unprotected sex ?

  15. Soo

    Hi Dr. Is PrEP available in Malaysia? If yes,
    1. How much does it cost?
    2. Where and how we can get it?


  16. Hong

    Hi Doctor. I got 2 ag/ab hiv test at pathlab on 52days and 87days respectively and both returned Negative. Are these result conclusive? Do I need to test again on 90days and 180days mark as recommended by most of the website?

  17. Mikhael

    Hi Dr.,
    I’m interested to hv prep treatment. What would be the process?

  18. charles

    hi Dr Kaarthig, i had an exposure on 13 march. i had tested for 3 time from difference day from the exposure. would like to get your advice what i should do in the next step.
    1. i had done a 4th generation test together with the girl that i had sex (protected vaginal sex). on the same day of the exposure (both nonreactive)
    2. Rna test at 10days after exposure undetected,
    3. 4th generation (ag/ab) at 27days post exposure together with the girl (both nonreactive)
    4. 28days from the exposure, combo (ag/ab) myself only (nonreactive).
    dr Kaarthig:
    is my result conclusive and can i move on as the nightmare always in my mind. i am really cant claim down. thank you dr Kaarthig

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      There are a lot of issues to be addressed with here. Please come in for a consult and I’d be happy to go over it all with you

  19. Brick

    How long is the window period for stds.

  20. John

    Hello doctor.
    What is the total cost for std test including hiv

    • Dr. Kaarthig


      We dont usually discuss prices on the forum. Please call the clinic or email us directly and we’ll get back to you ASAP.
      Thank you

  21. Foo Chee Kiang

    Hi doc,
    I had an unprotected sex on early of February this year (aproximately 3 months ago). The 1st month, i had a slight flu which lasted for few weeks. On April, i had few rashes resemble small red dots which itch at begining and they appeared one by one on my body, arms amd a few on neck. No other symptoms so far. Is there a chance for HIV?

  22. jun

    Dr i was expose to protected sex around 1 month abd 3 weeks ago. Was done hiv pcr rna test at 10days expose (non detectable), combo test at 28days and 33days also negative. The lady who had protected sex with me also negative at 27days. However i also conduct a hcv pcr rna quantitative test after 1months and 6 days (34days). Also undetectable.
    1. Dr is my test all conclusive?
    2. Dr i have been worrued for almost 1months i cnt slp and my mouth hving some oral plm. Is tht related to other std instead of hiv and hcv?
    3. Dr can i move on from the this expose?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      1. Yes
      2. You’ll need further investigations for this. Its really asking a lot of me to give you a diagnosis over the Internet
      3. Sure, I dont see why not. Besides, testing is a simple enough procedure. If you arent convinced, feel free to go ahead and re-test

  23. jun

    Thls dr kaarthig. Means all my test include my hiv and hcv quantitative test conclusive sorry just wanna ask as really my dry mouth caising me alit of anxiety

  24. Nick

    Hello Dr, I have perform a oral sex on a man around 2 minutes which I don’t know his HIV status, should I get tested? I do not have any open sore on my mouth and there is no ejaculation in my mouth.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Sure, testing is a simple enough procedure that doesnt take much time at all. I see no reason why you shouldnt get tested

      • Nick

        thanks for your reply Dr, I don’t know the guy HIV status but he did not ejaculate in my mouth. This situation happens 2 days before, should I get pep? I am worried right now

  25. Ni

    Hi Dr, can I know the window period of HIV, is an ag/ab test conclusive at 28 days? I perform an oral sex on a guy which I do not know his status around 2 minutes, I would consider to take a combo test.

  26. Mr Anxiety

    Hey Dr Tan & Partner.

    I hope you can asses my risk of HIV infection.

    My Co-worker has HIV and he touch my phone to see some stuff on my phone..I had a cut(open skin from scratching) on my middle finger. Once he give me back my phone, my exposed skin accidentally touch the surface where he touched. I am i at risk of contracting the virus?What if my co-worker has blood stain on it,am i still at risk?

    Paranoia Overload!!

    Sincerely Thanks.

  27. Zack

    hi dr Kaarthing,
    my exposure was protected sex with a girl that unknown status. i was conduct a hiv combo test at 28days, 33days and 64days after the exposure. and i was conduct the hep c pcr rna test at 5 weeks after exposure (qualitative and quantitative) all undetectable.
    1. dr am i clear from the exposure?
    2. do i need to testing again?
    3. dr can i know the window period for the pcr rna hep c ?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      1. From HIV, I would say yes.
      2. For HIV and hepatitis? Usually four weeks post exposure is good enough for the tests that you have done so I would say no need to re-test

  28. zack

    dr Kaarthig,
    1. is the hcv pcr rna test window period 2 to 3 weeks? if i conduct the test after window period (4 weeks to 5 weeks) can it be conclusive?

  29. zack

    Dr kaarthig how about hep c pcr rna?

  30. zack

    Dr Kaarthig,
    so dr if i conduct the hcv pcr rna at 5 weeks after the exposure then the result was conclusive? as i conduct it at 5 weeks after the exposure for hcv pcr rna.

  31. Ian

    I had a non protective high risk activity 2 days ago, is therr any action i can take to prevent the contraction og HIV?

  32. Xu

    Hi Dr, can I know the window period of vdrl test and HIV combo test. I’m just have oral with a guy less than 2 minute am I clear from HIV?

  33. Nick

    Dr. Can i knw negative after exposure of 12 weeks for the hiv and hcv can consider conclusive?

  34. Mike

    Hi Doctor,
    I received oral sex 2 months ago, I have tested for Syphilis, HIV and Hep B after 5-6 weeks of exposure.

    Recently, I have found that I have Herpes Cold Sores in my lips and also I have lost my appetite after receiving the oral sex and it has been 2 months now which is scaring me.

    1) What STDs can cause loss of appetite after receiving oral sex?
    2) What other tests should I do?
    3) Do I need to worry? I am not feeling hungry at all ..


    • Dr. Kaarthig

      1. Any infection causing an inflammatory reaction can cause this. Its a non specific symptom and may be related to a whole host of things.
      3. I would suggest seeing a physician and working up the cause of this in greater detail. This will include further screening and medications if indicated.

      • Mike


        My doctor is told me that there is nothing evident in the reports. All the tests were negative but I am worried about my appetite. Please answer 2 more questions, I will go to physician too.

        1) Can Herpes cause loss of appetite.
        2) There are many reasons for loss of appetite, but is there any STD that can cause loss of appetite after receiving oral sex?

        • Dr. Kaarthig

          1. Loss of appetite is a non specific symptom. I can tell you that eating heavily for two days can cause loss of appetite and there would be no wrong in that statement. It is not wise to attribute something so general to a specific disease.
          2. Like I said earlier, any infection causing inflammation can give rise to that. STIs are infections.

  35. paki Dian

    Is it possible to get cancer from receiving oral sex?
    What are the risks of receiving oral sex

  36. paki Dian

    I have a pimple on the neck which is not going and it has been around 2 months now.

  37. paki Dian

    I have tested negative for all other STDs including Hep B and Hep C

  38. paki Dian

    Yes, the doctor is saying it is nothing to be worried. But, I am worried because it is not going away.

  39. zack

    dr kaarthig,
    my exposure was protected sex with a girl for 13 weeks ago. the below was my test history for hiv and hepatitis c.
    1. pcr rna at 10days after exposure, undetectable,
    2. combo test at 27days, 28days, 33days, 64days, 78days, 84days all negatives
    3. my hcv test was done at 33days pcr rna (qualitative and quantitative). both also undetectable,
    4. hcv antibody test from pathlabs also negative.
    before the test was conduct, i was experience with chapped lips for almost 2 months already doctor. dr may i know:
    1. all the test i conducted at the right time? and is the test conclusive?
    2. dr do i need further testing?
    3. am i clear for the exposure and free to move on already dr?

  40. Zach

    Hi doctor,

    Can I know if the rapid hiv combo test (4th generation) is conclusive after 4 or 5 weeks?

  41. Zach

    Thanks for your answer doctor,

    I received a hand job few days ago, my worries is there any circumstances I will get infected with HIV (cut or..).

    And do you think I need a test for this?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Its highly unlikely that you got infected with HIV from that but I am not privy to the exact details of your predicament. In such instances, I would say a test is simple enough to be done, just go ahead and test to get your head cleared up.

  42. Batista

    Whats the probabilty of contracting hiv via unprotected blow job

  43. Kane

    Hi doctor,
    I had an exposure 4 days ago.it was unprotected oral sex although i did not ejaculate but i fear if had a pre cum like semen and if on the receiving end was a sex worker .i want to get some consultation and pca to detect if there is any infections.
    Please advice what be approprite time to walk into clinic to discuss and run through the tests.

  44. Andy

    Hi Doctor,
    I had two RAPID Alere Combo 4th Gen tests at 12 days and 21 days after an intercourse with a lady, and they were negative. Do so still need to take more tests?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Best to take after 28 days

      • Andy

        Thanks Doctor! Based on your experience – What’s your take on 21 days Test? I guess I read somewhere that Dr Tan has mentioned that they have enough data to suggest that 21 days Combo Test is conclusive.

  45. Mike

    Hi Doctor,
    I tested negative for HIV but i m worried about other STD’s like herpes.Its been a week since my exposure i don’t see any symptom yet .When is the earliest i can test this and get this out of my mind.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Best to wait a month and get a comprehensive screening done instead of checking for various diseases at weekly intervals.

  46. Rane

    Hi doctor,
    What are the symptoms of herpes and when do they occur after exposure.also please advice the window period for getting tested

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Look for a rash or cold sores. They can occur as soon as 24 hours post exposure. Best to get tested after at least three weeks.

  47. Jhon

    Hi doctor
    What are the early symptons of herpes.i had an exposure 6 days ago of non ejaculating oral sex, i notice some rough skin on my index figer its like slightly burining.do i need medical attension?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Look out for rashes or cold sores as signs of herpes. I dont think the rough skin is anything to be worried about now though.

  48. Joshua

    Doctor, I received a negative result for the hiv antibody and antigen test at 29th day. Is it consider conclusive or do I need to retest?

  49. Joshua

    Doctor, I received a negative for hiv combo test at 39th day, is it consider conclusive or it only consider conclusive if I done the test at exact 28th day?

  50. Joshua

    So does it mean that the test I done at 39th day is consider as conclusive?
    Thanks for your time, doctor.

  51. Mathew

    hi dr Kaarthig,
    Dr i just had pcr rna viral loads (quantitative) test after 12 days post exposure. is the test conclusive?

  52. Don

    Hi Dr. Kaarthig,
    I had a protected sex last week and i noticed round and a bit itchy rashes around my genitals.and the rashes turned the upper layer of skin to peel.
    Do i have to run a an stds and hiv tests or do i have to wait. And if i have to wait for how long.
    Thank u for your understanding,

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      If you’re already having the rashes, you dont have to wait. Get a medical consult as soon as you can. If there were no symptoms I would suggest to wait one month post exposure.

  53. Abhishek

    Hi Dr.Karrthig
    I had a unprotected encounter with SW for about 5 mins on 07/07/18. I have attended your clinic and offered with alere determine 1/2 ag/ab combo test.
    15/07/18(8th day)- non reactive
    02/08/18 (26 th day) – non reactive
    05/08/18(29 th day) non reactive
    are my results conclusive or do I need to meet 3 months mark

    Appreciate quick reply.

  54. John

    Hi Dr

    I went for massage yesterday. Then it ended up with a handjob with oil. That’s all.

    1) May I know what is the risk of getting HIV from this incident?
    2) What are the risk of getting other STDs?
    3) Should I get tested just based on this incident?
    4) If yes, how long should I wait till to get tested?

    Thanks in advance. Appreciate it.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      1. Next to nothing
      2. Things like herpes are probable. I would suggest waiting till either symptoms pop up or do screening tests about one to three months after the incident.

  55. Michael

    Hi Dr,

    Is 1 month window period for herpes and syphilis enough before I can do testing? Or do I need to wait longer.

    My risk exposure was just a handjob with oil from a lady and touching of my scrotum and thigh area.


  56. Ben

    Hi Dr,
    On 30 of July I have sex with sex worker, protected vaginal insertive sex and unprotected oral sex for receiving and giving. I have taken the pep which are the efavirenz, tenofovir and emtricitabine 56 hour after exposure. Am I at high risk and when is the best time to perform all std test.

  57. Jacob Joe

    Good day Dr,

    When you talk about the STD Syndromes, do I need have 1 of the syndromes to indicate I may be at risk of STD? Or do I need to have a few of them?

    Risk exposure of mine was just handjob with oil. And earlier before handjob was given, the lady used clothe with hot water to wipe my penis, scrotum, groin area & and my asshole. Sorry for the vulgar language. Any risk of HIV & STD from this encounter? Cheers.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      A syndrome is a collection of symptoms. Not diseases. There are multiple diseases under the broad category of STIs.
      In your case, the risk is minimal to none to pick up HIV or other STIs if I understand the situation correctly.

      • Jacob Joe

        Hi Dr,

        So do you recommend me to come in and do testing?

        • Dr. Kaarthig

          Of course. Testing is a simple enough process and will answer your queries judiciously.

          • Jacob Joe

            How long window period should I wait based on my exposure before I come for testing?

            And anything do I need to take note like fasting etc the day before test?

          • Dr. Kaarthig

            Give it at least a month post exposure and we can get comprehensive testing done. There is no special requirement prior to getting screening tests done.

  58. Stephanie

    Hi Dr. Kaarthig,

    Is there any HIV risk for receiving handjob from a massage lady (without condom)?

    What about STDs?

    I’m really worried now of getting any of these STDs. Please help. And I don’t know what test to do and when should I get tested. 🙁

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      There really isnt much risk from a handjob. Testing for all STIs can be done as soon as you wish in this circumstance

  59. Ah Ming

    Do I need to retest for my HIV & STDs status after I’m tested negative at 1 month post exposure? I got a little confused at Dr Tan website. Some said 1 month is fine, some said 3 months. I am not too sure what is the window period. My exposure was only handjob.

  60. Stanley

    Hi Dr,

    Is 1 month window period after an exposure good enough to come in to do testing for STDs?

    Or longer I will have to wait? Regards.

  61. Dennis123

    Hi Dr. Really appreciate if you can answer my question.
    I tested negative 32 days after possible exposure using 4th gen ag/ab
    Again tested negative 53 days after possible exposure using 4th gen ag/ab
    My exposure was lips to lips peck kiss and finger-nipple touching(not sure if there was blood or breastmilk)
    Are the results conclusive??

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      I would say the results are conclusive provided the testing was done correctly.

      • Joseph

        Hi dr i had an unprotected anal sex on 23th june 2018 & i had another unprotected oral sex on the 30rd july 2018 with deep kissing where did not had any semen in my Mouth ,i have done the hiv test ag/ab and vdr syphilis on 27th aug 2018 and the result show negative. Is it conclusive?

        • Dr. Kaarthig

          Thats about 28 days since your last sexual contact, correct? So I’d say that is conclusive as long as the test was done correctly.

          • joseph

            Thnks another question is oral sex high risk for transmission of hiv?cuz I done the hiv test ag/ab blood at a private hospital and its negative, i was abit worried since the oral sex i had on 30rd july i had throat infection after 3days of post exposure

          • Dr. Kaarthig

            Oral sex carries a negligible risk for HIV transmission

  62. James

    Hi doc, I got tested by using 4th gen rapid combo test at 26, 35, 40, 42 (DTAP) and 47 days, negative . I’m on methotrexate 15mg/week for 2 years for psoriasis, does it affect hiv test? Are my test results conclusive ? Do I need to retest again?
    FYI I saw this in the forum

  63. James

    Hi dr, thanks for your reply, in short, I don’t need to tested until 3 months right ? I can take my day 47 alere 4th gen rapid combo test as conclusive right ?
    Thanks for your reply, doc

    • James

      Although the medicine (methotrexate) I’m having for the past 2 years, thanks doc

      • Jamesaaa

        Hi Doc any updates on this , thanks so much for ur help!

        • Dr. Kaarthig

          I think my earlier reply is sufficient. Consider yourself updated!
          You’re welcome…

          • James

            FYI doc I tested again with alere rapid combo test 9 weeks and it’s negative , I think I don’t need to retest already right ? Thanks so much for ur reply, it really help people like me that are worrying , thanks again doctor

          • Jamesaaaaabbbb

            doc I tested again with ALERE rapid combo test 4th gen at 9 weeks (62days) and it’s negative , I think I don’t need to retest already right ? Thanks so much for ur reply, it really help people like me that are worrying , thanks again doctor !

          • Dr. Kaarthig

            That’s right. I dont think you should be worried.

            Take care!

  64. Reena

    Dear doc,
    I’ve taken ag/ab test 139 days result negative. Can i stop testing further and move on with my life, im going to get married soon. My exposure was protected and very brief about 1 min and it was 19.9 weeks ago.

  65. Josh

    Hi doc, I’ve had sexual encounter on 18/5 and went to did a blood test via a skin specialist that treats std for hiv on 15/8 which is plus minus 89days from exposure. He shared that the results from lab came back negative. If the results conclusive? Are there any needs for further test? Please advise. Thanks

  66. Josh

    Btw, what is consider a right test? I was tested for both antibody and antigen.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      There are multiple tests available for screening purposes Josh. Not every situation is the same either. If you’re saying it was a combination test and it is a fourth generation test, then I will say that you’ve likely done the right tests but I dont know these things for sure you see.

      • Josh

        Hi Dr. Thanks for your reply. Below are a number of questions I hope you could provide me with insights with
        1) what is the most common lab blood test done in Malaysia?
        2) what’s the different time frame needed for each type of test to show its results?
        3) on average, what’s the range of price for 4th generation test in Malaysia?

  67. Josh

    Hi Dr, could you be reach by phone instead? Thanks

  68. Richardo

    Hi Doctor,

    I am trying to practice safe sex from my side here. Can I know going to a massage and getting handjob from the lady will have any risk of getting HIV?

    And is there a risk for any STDs too? Richardo.

  69. John

    Doc may I know the window period for testing for herpes igg , syphillis , chlamdia and gonorheaa and hepatis thx doc
    Can I test now if already 9 weeks post exposure

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Nine weeks post exposure is fine to test. Please do not hold off your first instance of testing for an incubation period query. Get the first test then a month after potential exposure, then follow up with that from then on.

      For all the tests you mentioned, hepatitis is the longest window period that can go up to four months but everything else there is between two to four weeks.

  70. John

    If I got mouth ulcers after 45 days post exposure should I take herpes igg antibody test now? Or it’s not related to herpes as it has passed incubation period

  71. John

    The window period for herpes igg antibody is 3 months right ? Doc may I know the price for testing herpes, cylmadia and gonorheaa at your clinic ? Should I test at 3 months or now
    Thanks doc

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Please either call into the clinic or come by to find out what tests are suitable and available to you and its pricing. Thank you.

  72. Steven


    Your article written that “As long as you are having sex, you are at risk of STDs.” What about receiving handjob? I assumed there is no HIV risk right? And also other STDs. Thank you.

  73. Yao

    Hi Doc,

    I’m a man and had unprotected sex , most probably a month ago.
    I felt pain when urinating and washed my penis with Summer Naturale Anti Bacterial Shower Cream. After that, i noticed there was a bump on penis. I went to see a general physician at clinic on 16/9/2018, he prescribed me some medicine and a cream. I took the medicines and the pain urination gone off, however the bump still remains. What test should I do? Any Doctor you can recommend?

  74. Raymond


    When to test for STDs, my last risk exposure was 1 month ago, handjob by a lady. That’s all.

    Or I do not need to get tested based on my incident.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      You can certainly get tested, anytime after a month post exposure is fine. The risk from a handjob is not much but its worth testing to find out.


    Hi doctor recently i went for hiv clinic foundation to test for hiv rapid test. I was wipe with the same alcohol swab and provide with cotton wool. While waiting for result the call my number and when i enter i touch a door surface and i have sweat on my hand and my finger pricks have some bruises. Is it possible to ttansmit anything. I did ag and ab test in 23days. Should i do another test

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Its not easy to pick up an infection from a doorknob or something like that. I wouldnt be too worried. I would definitely advise for a repeat HIV test after 30 days though.

  76. Derrick Yap

    Hi Dr,

    Appreciate all your good works answering all the questions.

    Would like to find out is it possible to get infected with any types of Hepatitis by receiving a handjob?

    Thank you.

  77. Ashburn

    Hi Dr. Kaarthig,
    I have been tested positive for HIV earlier this year and started to take the ARV medicine since from I was in Jakarta, Indonesia.
    From my previous consultation, I have been advised to take the ARV exactly at 12.OO am (Indonesian time) which is lagged 1 hour behind the Malaysian time.
    Now I have been moved to Kuala Lumpur for working purpose and experienced the difficulties to take the medicine at O1.OO am on every night.
    The question is, would be that a problem for me if I start to take the medicine 1 hour earlier from my previous scheduled time for now ?!..
    because.. I have been advised by my previous doctor to maintain the same time cycle as from in Jakarta, in order for the ARV medicine to stay effective against the virus.
    Hope you can help me to answer this doubt and out from the dilemma. Thank you.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Its fine really. A one hour time difference would not do much in terms of reducing the efficacy of the anti-retroviral therapy that you are taking. Sometimes its okay to surprise the virus.

  78. James

    Is 3 months of 4th gen ag/ab hiv 1/2 lab test conclusive ? My only exposure was oral sex with a man And i did not had any contact of bodily fluid except sliva.

  79. John

    Hi doc, is there a hiv risk if the girl (wearing underwear) rub my penis (I was not wearing underwear), thanks !

  80. John

    Thanks for the reply doc! What I meant is that the girl rub my penis using her vagina with her underwear on but I’m fully naked , is this a no risk situation ? Even if there are some vagina fluids, thx

  81. Sanja

    My friends went to B2B massage; he though they will do hand job however she given oral sex around 1 to 2 mint without condom. is there potential of getting STD or STI. He told me before message they request him to bath and bath once finish

  82. Thomas

    Doctor, my brother told me, he went for a cruise last sunday and looking for 2 hours body massage. however, end up the girl masturb for him (she put some baby oil on his pennis), he touch her vaginal without fingering inside, and he did lick her breast too. will my brother getting HIV or any STI?

  83. Massage Lover

    Hi Dr,
    It is safe to assume that going for a body massage does not transmit any STDs or HIV infection, right?

    What about getting a handjob from a massage lady? Will this post a risk of getting any STDs?

    If the massage lady is using a hand glove and giving handjob, will it make any difference?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Yes, that’s right. Intact skin to skin contact is not a risk factor for HIV transmission. You can pick up a herpes infection if the partner has blisters/cold sores/rashes though.

  84. Royal Ice

    Can I get any STD/HIV from receiving handjob without condom on? And what about rubbing my genital on someone’s boobs and where both of us are naked.

  85. Robert Tan

    Does kissing post any risk of HIV / STDs? Assuming french kiss in involved.

    And I got confused at time of what I read, it is said that if there is sore / rashes, there is a chance you can get infected with herpes. So is it safe to go to massage places (legit massage)? What if the person has sore / rashes on their hand and proceed to massage my body? Will I get herpes on parts of my body as well?

    Thank you for your education Dr.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Yes, kissing can propagate herpes.

      There are numerous other causes for ulcers/sore on the body. These can be a source of infection as well.

  86. Superb

    Can I get any STDs from holding hands, hugging and deep kissing from someone? And can I get any STDs from sucking breast and receiving handjob?

  87. King

    Hi Dr,
    What is the probability of getting HIV from oral sex with protection as u have mentioned in the the condom only protect 84-90%. Thank you.

  88. Jack

    Hi doctor, how are you?
    Recently, I have received a protected oral sex from a lady from China and I have ejaculated in the condom that in her mouth. It takes around 10 minutes during the encounter and I’m not sure the condom breaks or not but the lady said it do not break. Am I at the risk of getting HIV?

  89. Jack

    Hi Dr,
    I was diagnosed with gonorrhea back in February 2018 and was treated at your clinic immediately. I was cured of gonorrhea. I continued to have protected sex with csw and done a 3rd generation HIV test on 23 January 2019 and the result came back negative. My last exposure was on 5 July 2019 and I have done another 3rd generation HIV test on 28 October 2019 (approximately 113 days after exposure) and the result came back negative. No further exposure after that.

    1. Is the result conclusive and I can move on from that?
    2. Does the fact that I had gonorrhea before increased the chances of getting HIV?
    3. I had unprotected sex 4-5 days after I was exposed to gonorrhea back in January 2018. After a week, I got treated for gonorrhea. Will my partner get infected by gonorrhea? She has no symptoms at all.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      1. Provided that the test was done correctly, it is conclusive.
      2. No, if it was a one time infection that has been proved to be cured, it does not increase your chances of getting HIV.
      3. She may not be infected but as with anything STI related, it is always best to test for it and treat it if it is present.

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