HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)


HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

HIV PrEP stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis.

PrEP is a daily medicine that lowers the risk of contracting HIV. It is a medicine that functions similarly to tablets for malaria prevention or birth control pills intended for daily consumption.

This should not be mistaken for PEP which is Post-Exposure Prophylaxis. PEP are medicines taken after a person has been potentially infected with HIV.

What are the PrEP medications?

The PrEP tablets are composed of two types of medicines:

  1. Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate 300 mg (TDF)
  2. Emtricitabine 200 mg (FTC)

The company Gilead Sciences dispenses these tablets under the brand name Truvada.

How effective is PrEP?

For the most part, different sexual orientation groups have different protection rates. According to the four studies under the United States’ Centers of Disease Control & Prevention’s Interim Guidelines, PrEP has a wide range of 50%–84% of HIV protection. Protection rates as high as 99% have also been documented in other publications.

All must understand that PrEP is simply just another one of the many different methods of HIV prevention. With that being said, PrEP alone is not foolproof and should be used along with other prevention methods include:

  1. Regular and proper condom usage
  2. HIV infected partner has access to treatment.
  3. Education
  4. Male circumcision

What are the side effects of PrEP?

Most patients do not experience any side effects. Even when they do present they are usually very minor side effects which can be treated.

Minor side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Weight loss

Major side effects (that are rather uncommon) include:

  • Impact on kidneys
  • Impact on bone density

At our clinics, we have not encountered any side effects more severe than the occasional slight nausea when consuming PrEP.

When and how can I start PrEP?

Before commencing on PrEP medications, the patient must come down to our clinic and undergo a number of tests, which includes and not limited by:

  • HIV test
  • STD screening
  • Kidney function test

After this, the patient is able to immediately start on the PrEP tablets. It is advised to be on these tablets for a minimum of 7 days before engaging in any potentially risky activities.


Am I able to stop PrEP?

It is recommended to continue on PrEP for another 4 more weeks after the last risky encounter.

It is also advised to do screening tests for HIV and other STDs three months after this last encounter. Remember PrEP only helps with HIV risk reduction, not the other STD’s.


How long can I be on PrEP?

The PrEP medication can be taken for as long as you wish.

It should definitely be taken as long as you are at risk of contracting HIV.

It is recommended to see your doctor every three months to screen for HIV and other STDs as well as to monitor for any potential side effects which will require blood tests.

PrEP can save your life.

Visit Our Clinics now and talk to Our Doctors to see if you are suitable for PrEP.

If you had a high-risk exposure to a HIV infection in the last 72 hours, there are other medications that are available at our clinic to lower the possibility of contracting HIV yourself.

*Find out more about the HIV PEP Treatment.  See new HIV medication for PrEP - Descovy

Please visit our clinics for more information

Comment on "HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)"

  1. Anastasia

    Hi, I have taken birth control pills for quite long time. It is okay if I take PrEP medications together with the birth control pills? Is there any side effects and if there is any, what is the best recommendation to lower the effects?
    Thank you

  2. Edward

    If I take PrEP, can i stop using condoms when I have sex ?

  3. Farid

    Hi Dr, i would like to know how does circumcision help in preventing HIV ? ?

  4. Harry

    Dr,Is that safe to take PrEP after a few glasses of drink?

  5. G

    I dont believe in love.I dont believe in protected sex or monogamy. My activities are beyond normal. Sexual activities ofcourse. But I sure dont want to contract something as crazy as HIV. How can pre ep help? How often should i take it?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Pre exposure prophylaxis is a used for people who are already at high risk of getting infected with HIV. It can be repeated courses but not advisable to be taken as regular part of your diet. Firstly, your risk level and exposure must be ascertained then your health screening must be done to make sure taking these medications will not cause more harm.
      If all of it checks out, PreP might be worthwhile for you to try out.

  6. Lim CT

    May I know did hiv combo test taken at days 93 consider conclusive ?Or need to retest at 6 month?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Hi Lim,

      Any HIV test taken three months after exposure is widely considered as conclusive unless a person is in a compromised immune state to begin with. If your exposure time is accurate and there are no high risk behaviour, we don’t advise a re-test. Please check with your doctor on this.

  7. Karthik

    How much does PrEP cost?
    I heard it’s too high too afford.

  8. Josh

    Do I have to do screening here before I take prep? Or I could possible lead to PrEp stages if I did screening negative by my own?

  9. David Susanto

    Where i can find the PrEP in Malaysia?

    I have done my screening test and it is show non reactive but i want to start taking PrEP to avoid HIV

  10. iz

    can i know how much the cost for full std test?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Full STI testing will include Hepatitis B, C, herpes, syphillis, HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and NSU testing. Please call the clinic for the price.
      Thank you

  11. Hz

    if the exposure activity was 1 month ago, can Prep help or others drug needed? Bcause symtomps has coming up but result still need 3 months to conclusive.

  12. Prathap

    Hi Dr.
    Iam male. Iam unprotected vaginal sex single exposure with a girl.. 9 months later found she is hiv positive….

    My question:-

    1)Everywhere is saying after a certain window period time (3 months) after getting negative is conclusive & even after (6 months) confirmation is definitely negative. But why are all these other people saying you can go years without showing positive & that’s really freaking me out big time. Is it true that it takes your to come up positive or does it only take 6 months to know 100%. What’s true?

    2)One doctor say in medical no test 100%.

    3)I am still 17 months post exposure 4th generation test ,hiv rna pcr qualitative all negative.

    4)Iam 100% negative…

    5)My result is change in future?

    6)What is 100% windowperiod.

    one doctor say Hiv many years be come positive what is the truth…..

    I cry and pray to God.Ive ruined my life. I havent tested 18 months post exposure all negative…
    Iam needed on prep?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      1. People can say a lot of things. You have to decide where your trust lies.
      2. Nothing is 100% but we know we are nearly there in terms of identifying HIV.
      5. Im sorry, I cannot foresee what the future holds and I do not have any idea of your lifestyle now to offer you an answer.
      6. Im sorry, I do not understand the question but I know that for a fourth generation test, the window period is 28 days
      7. It depends on your lifestyle if you want to protect yourself after this, but PrEP is not for an event that has already passed.

      • Prathap

        Hi sir….
        18 months post exposure alere combo test negative…..
        Any further test needed?

        Iam not sexually active…
        Iam not use any medicine…
        1.Some people and doctors say hiv ofter many years becomes positive…it is true…
        2.Iam get married this year make childrens happy family…
        3.Iam married happyly without hiv fear….
        4.what is the hiv window period…

        5.15 months post exposure hiv rna qualitative test not detected….
        Any further test required.iam negative 100%..

        Iam feel very sad pls i needed your help….

        • Dr. Kaarthig

          1. There are a multitude of factors that lead to a HIV infection so this is definitely possible
          4. We’ve already gone through this

          It appears you have more complex issues. I’d be happy to speak to you about this at length in a consultation, not over the Internet. Please call the clinic and arrange for an appointment at your soonest convenience.

          Thank you

          • TheOther

            After 3 months, or 90days, if the result is non-reactive, it is safe to say you are not infected by the virus. On the safe side, take a test again after 6 months after the exposure.
            1. if both 3 months, and 6 months test is non-reactive , you are not infected. No need to do further testing, but regular testing for STD is recommended
            2. Congratulation
            3. Yes, you will. Even if you are HIV positive, many serostatus-couple does have wonderful family. So do not worry.
            4. There is no windows. But for HIV test to show up accurately, the windows is 14days-1month for 4th Generation test, or 1-3months for 3rd Generation test
            5. If you have done few test and all show non-reactive, is safe that you are not infected by the virus. Do remember that regular testing for STD is best practice.

  13. Prathap

    Hi sir….
    18 months post exposure alere combo test negative…..
    Any further test needed?
    Iam not sexually active…18 months still no further exposure…
    Iam not use any medicine…
    1.Some people and doctors say hiv ofter many years becomes positive…it is true…
    2.Iam get married this year make childrens happy family…
    3.Iam married happyly without hiv fear….
    4.what is the hiv window period…
    5.15 months post exposure hiv rna qualitative test not detected….
    Any further test required.iam negative 100%..
    Iam feel very sad pls i needed your help….
    Thankyou ur replay…

  14. Himad

    Hi doctor. I am 26 years male. I am circumcised male. I had unprotected vaginal sex single exposer with a girl. 9 months later found she is hiv positive.
    Followup test: 9 months post exposure hiv western blot result: negative
    11 months post exposure elisa for hiv, hcv, hbsag, vdrl all negative
    1 year post exposure hiv rna pcr qualitative result: not detected
    13 months post exposure hiv 4th generation alere combo result: negative
    14 months post exposure hiv elisa hiv std panel all are negative
    15 months post exposure hiv rna pcr qualitative test result: notdetected
    17 months post exposure hiv 4th generation alere combo result: negative I am not take any mediation….
    My question: 1- sir after how long time you can give 100% guarantee you are not infected with HIV after looking my all the negative reports.
    2- sir if you are not sure which type of hiv test I have to do & after how long? 3- can I start my relations with my wife without any protection. please keep in mind i don’t want to infect her.
    4)now only fifteen day short for completing 18 months which type of test required ?
    5) sir is there any possibility my result going to be change? Sir don’t say very unlikely. please give answer in yes and no. 6)sir don’t be angry because i am asking lot of time .but i want detailed reply .you are shaving lot of lives all over the world through your web side and your hospitals.
    7)since no further exposure… should i start PrEP?
    sir don’t ignore please please please reply soon i am waiting and expecting immediate reply from you great men
    sir please don’t mind you are Gods gift for me and answer my all the questions in detail

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      1. I will never guarantee 100%
      2. I dont understand your question but I assume that you’re asking for a recommendation? I’d do a fourth generation test.
      3. What you and your wife do is up to the nature of your relationship. If you choose not to disclose to her that you may be infected, that’s a risk you have to take
      4. I’d say similar answer to question 2
      5. I cannot answer this without knowing you and your lifestyle
      7. No

  15. Himad

    Thank you your replay….
    Today iam get hiv 4th generation alere combo test result is negative…
    You will say iam definitely infected but not show on test ?
    You say hivofter many years becomes positive…but which reason world health organization and cdc say 3 months windowperiod.
    Which reason to you say hiv windowperiod is many years…
    Iam suffering this reason….
    What is the truth.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Please, just come in for a consultation and we’ll take about this. You obviously have issues with the entire thing

  16. Himad

    Hi dr…
    I have a 10 months baby.
    My baby birth weight is
    10 months my baby weight is baby is health complaints..
    My and my wife hiv 4th generation test negative…..
    But my baby infectd with hiv how many months ofter develop symptom…and detect hiv test…

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Why worry about all of this? Testing is a simple enough process. Right now, no one in your family has evidence of HIV. If you’re so concerned, just get your baby tested. It’ll be up to you to justify the testing process.

  17. Himad

    My baby 7 months ofter birth hiv antibody test is Negative.
    My and my wife hiv test result is negative..
    But you confusing me hiv windowperiod…
    Iam take hiv test up to 10 years?
    Total 18 months postexposure hiv rna pcr. Qualitative, westrenblot,4th generation test,elisa,ictc center all result is negative….
    But you confusing me sir…
    Iam infected with hiv how many months ofter defeinatly detect in test.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Window period is one month when testing using fourth generation tests. Nothing to be confused about there.

  18. Himad

    Thank you ur replay …
    still today 18 months post exposure hiv 4th generation alere combo test negative what you say dr…

  19. Himad

    Replay me sir….
    You say hiv many years ofter becomes positive.
    You say hiv 4th generation test windowperiod 1 is tottaly confuse dr…

  20. Sad

    Hi sir …
    1.If a infected with hiv how many months ofter detect hiv test…
    2.What is the hiv windowperiod…
    3.My risk is 1 year back unprotected vaginal sex single exposure with a girl.later 9 months found she is hiv positive….but my 4th generation test result is negative still today…
    4.iam infected or not…
    5.iam needed on prep?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      1. The window period for a fourth generation test is one month.
      4. I dont see any evidence to say you are.
      5. If you lifestyle calls for it, sure, go ahead and get yourself started on PrEP.

      • Sad

        Thank you…
        1)Which persons suitable prep?
        2)iam not sexually active still no further exposure….. iam needed prep or not?
        3)one doctor say hiv windowperiod 3 months to 10 years so take hiv test every 3 months… realy need any further test.?
        4)9months post exposure hiv westernblot negative.
        1 year hiv rna pcr qualitative not detected…any further test needed…
        5)delay seroconversion possible only antibodies not virus it is true?
        My rna pcr ,4thgeneration test all negative 1 year post exposure…
        6)no further exposure can change my result.

        • Dr. Kaarthig

          1. The inclusion criteria is a very long list. As long as you have no explicit allergies, and are a healthy individual, it shouldnt be a problem
          2. Depends on your lifestyle really. If you are celebate now and have sworn off sexual activity, I guess there is no real indication for medication
          3. I would say as long as the test is done correctly, and you are not witholding information, it shouldnt be necessary to test up till ten years
          4. In my opinion, not likely but your personal doctor should be able to advise further
          5. I dont understand the question, sorry

  21. Sad

    This is my last question..

    Pls replay me…sir

  22. Sad

    I need prep or not?

    Pls say yes or no

    Thank you sir…
    Your the best..

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      PrEP is for people who feel that their lifestyle exposes to the risk of contracting HIV. This lifestyle includes things like having unprotected sex or multiple partners or having a partner who is HIV positive and the likes. It is up to you to decide if your lifestyle calls for you taking protection against the virus.

  23. Tu

    Can I take prep without the test? I have never had any sexual intercourse involve penetration.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      At least a simple HIV rapid test screen is recommended. If you have already been exposed to the virus, taking PrEP will be to no avail.

  24. sadman

    doctor i had sex on this 13 june . can i take prep for now? i already test rapid still negatiff . or should i check hiv test gen4

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Check to make sure you do not have any exposure to the virus first, then once that is cleared, you can go on PrEP

  25. VJ

    Hi Dr.
    am i at risk of contracting HIV because my condom broke when i was having an intercourse. went to a clinic doctor inject me with a kanamycin.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      I am lacking a few details to tell you how much of a risk this is but generally speaking, unprotected sexual intercourse will carry a risk of HIV infection in certain situations

  26. Jayvyn

    Hi Dr, can my Hiv screening be done and obtain the result within a day?
    Don’t have much time in KL

  27. Nanda

    How much does prep cost?

  28. Nick

    Hello Dr, I was taking pep from 1 of August until now. The regimens I took are tenof-em and efavirenz. But then I’m facing the situation of loose stool around 2 weeks, it happen everyday but only one time a day. Is it the side effect of pep or I’m actually facing the Acute HIV symptom?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Its more likely the side effect of PEP. If its affecting your daily life, please see your doctor and get that checked out.

  29. Ahmad

    Do you prescribe PrEP as Truvada or the generic form? As the normally, a bottle would comprise of a month supply (~30pills/bottle), how much would it cost then? Would the cost differ if the users are in the high risk group and needing a prolonged prescriptions over time?

  30. Sanjay

    Hi doctor. Im a 21 yr old who plans to get a sensual massage in a couple of months. The massage involves no penetration whatsoever but there will be blowjob (with condom on) by the masseuse and cunnilungus performed on the masseuse by me. Do you think it is necessary for me to take prep? If so, do you have prep readily available or do you provide me a prescriptipn for me to buy elsewhere. Thank you

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      PrEP is readily available in my clinic. We just have to go through standard procedures first prior to dispensing. In my opinion, based on what you have just told me, PrEP is not necessary for this exposure. If you are going to continue with this lifestyle, I would recommend it though.

      • Mom

        Yesterday, I fucked ladyboy and I used the condom after finished I was also want to do again but I wasn’t having another condom so I washed the old condom in the same time it’s just diffrent 1 minutes I washed in said the condom and I wear it again and continue after that I removed the condom and I washed my dick by useing shampoo. I asked the ladyboy about if he have hiv, aids or somthing els he told no he doesn’t have but I don’t know if he said the truth or not. Now what can I do I’m realy afraid

        • Dr. Kaarthig

          Come on in for a consultation and we can discuss your prevention options. Please call the clinic for an appointment yea. Thank you.

    • Sara

      Hello Doctor, I had an exposure to uncovered sex today. I’m worried about my exposure to HIV. Can I go in for a rapid test and PEP and will it be helpful

      • Dr. Kaarthig

        Yes of course. This is what PEP is designed to do. Come on in and we’ll sort your concerns out. No worries.

  31. Josh

    I would like to know the price of Prep tablet.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Come on by the clinic, and we can discuss PrEP including which medications would be suitable for your needs right.

      Thank you.

  32. JL


    Would like to know what’s the cost of your consultation on the option of taking PrEP ? I understand that a quick HIV test is required before – what is the cost ?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      We do not discuss costs online. Please either call the clinic or come on in for a consultation for this right.

      Thank you.

  33. MIke

    I am HIV negative ( Tested )
    I am planning a 30 day trip to S.E.A countries as a sex tourist.

    I will always use condoms, but i would like to reduce the risk, May i take PREP as an additional precautionary method?

  34. James

    Hi doctor, it mentions that if you have high risk sexual activities – there are medications that can lower the risk of HIV. What are they? And do you have them at your clinic? Thanks

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Yes, we have multiple medications we can use for PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis) in the clinic. Come on by and we can discuss them at length.

  35. hunt

    hye dr.
    I have a few questions. I am HIV negative , tested on 27th june 2020

    1. I am not married, i would like to hire sexual services. Please advice how many days before i should take PREP

    2. After my encounter , how long should i continue PREP

    3. can i take PREP tablets each time before i hire sexual services

    4. How much is the estimated costing for PREP

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      1. PrEP should be started and be taken consistently to ensure protection against potential HIV transmission. The absolute latest you can take PrEP is just prior to the incident where you can go on the 2-1-1 regime.
      2. PrEP should be continued until your lifestyle poses no risk of HIV transmission.
      3. Yes, you may. This will be in accordance to the 2-1-1 regime.
      4. We have multiple options for PrEP available in the clinic. I would recommend you speak to our doctors to decide which is best for you.

  36. Hunt

    Thank you for your reply Dr.

    However I googled 211 regime.. It says it protection for men to men anal penetration.
    Can thus regime be used for straight sex? I m a men only have sex with woman

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