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Health Screening Packages

Health screening is a fantastic way to invest in your future. Early detection and treatment of disease can reduce the long term cost of medical expenses.
More over, many diseases now, like cancer, are detected at younger ages and in early stages partially due to an increase in people going for health screening. This is because diseases at early stages may not have any symptoms.
However, certain investigations may lead to unnecessary investigations if it ends up being inconclusive or false positive. Therefore, it is important to get these tests done under the supervision of a medical doctor so that they will be able to tailor the screening tests to you.
Our doctors at Dr Tan & partners are well accredited and trained to ensure you are on the path to good health.

Our Health Screening Packages

1.) Executive Male and Female

  • FBC & BF
  • RFT
  • LFT
  • LIP
  • ABO & Rh (D)
  • HBsAb & HBsAg
  • TSH
  • Rheumatoid Factor
  • AFP
  • CEA
  • Homocysteine
  • Total PSA (male only)
  • CA 125 (female only)
  • ECG
  • X-RAY

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