Electro Shockwave Treatment (ESWT) for Erectile Dysfunction

Erecle Dysfuncon Treatment, eswt-for-ED

Electro Shockwave Treatment (ESWT) for Erectile Dysfunction

A possible Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Treatment.

Electro Shockwave Treatment (ESWT) has been used or many treatments ranging from breaking up kidney stones initially to treating sports injuries like ligament strains and tendinitis. Now as an erectile dysfunction treatment used in Men’s health to treat erectile dysfunction attributed to poor blood flow to the penis.

How does ESWT work for ED?

ESWT emits low intensity shockwaves into the penis causing new, healthy blood vessels to develop thus rendering the previous unhealthy blood vessels obsolete. The previously unhealthy blood vessels were causing poor blood flow into the penis resulting in erectile dysfunction.

Who will benefit from ESWT?

ESWT as a cure for erectile dysfunction will only work if the cause of the erectile dysfunction is a vascular cause. Poor blood supply to the penis can be caused by long standing illnesses like Diabetes Mellitus or Hypertension which are common in the population.

If the cause of erectile dysfunction is not related to the condition of the blood vessels, the treatment will not be beneficial to you. Other causes of erectile dysfunction include hormonal status, stress, nutrition and general wellbeing.

ESWT cannot however cure the problem of erectile dysfunction immediately. It usually works best with medications and would require a few sessions to gain full effect.

What is the success rate?

Using the IIEF score ( International Index of Erectile Function Questionnaire), studies have shown a 76% improvement in patients undergoing ESWT treatment for erectile dysfunction. Another study also showed that 21 out of 29 patients scored favourably in the Erection Hardness Score after treatment with ESWT.

In cases of severe ED (where an erection was nearly impossible even with medication), 72.4% of patients showed remarkable improvement and were able to have spontaneous erections after getting ESWT therapy in combination with oral medications.

What is the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment procedure like?

Like aforementioned, not everyone is a candidate for ESWT treatments. A consultation is first required to determine the cause of the erectile dysfunction. If it is found to be of vascular origin, ESWT may be prescribed.

Firstly, a clear gel will be applied on the base of the penis and the penis making sure to cover all sides. Then the treatment probe will be placed on the skin of the penis and the base of the penis.

The probe will then deliver low intensity shockwaves into the desired area while the operator moves it about the treatment area. The process has been reported as painless with most patients not having any sort of discomfort throughout the procedure. Some have reported a tingling sensation in the penis or pelvis area though.

You will require a total of 6 treatment sessions in the following series of treatment plan options.

  1. 1 session everyday for 6 days
  2. 3 sessions per week for 2 weeks
  3. 2 sessions per week for 3 weeks

Each session of the ESWT treatment will last about 20 to 30 minutes.

Most patients will see an improvement in the erectile dysfunction problem two weeks after completion of treatment.

In the off chance that there is no improvement in the problem, some patients may be advised to undergo another cycle of six treatment sessions. This can be done as soon as three weeks after the completion of the first session.

As earlier mentioned, treatment works best with medications taken throughout the duration of the treatment as per doctors’ advise to improve the health of the blood vessels in the penis.

If you like to learn more about ESWT Erectile Dysfunction Treatment, please visit our clinic or email us at my.hello@dtapclinic.com today. 

Comment on "Electro Shockwave Treatment (ESWT) for Erectile Dysfunction"

  1. Cornelius

    Hello Doctor,
    how long will the effect last ? Is there a chance I go for another treatment after a few years?


    • Dr. Kaarthig

      The effects of ESWT will last for years depending on overall general health of a client. With age and oxidative stress, there might be a chance that a client will require repeat sessions

  2. S.Revindranathan

    How effective is this treatment and for how long will this last and what is the cost for this full traetment

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Once we have determined that you are a suitable candidate, treatment will likely take two weeks to complete. We have seen significant improvement in our patients provided all the underlying issues have been appropriately taken care of. ESWT therapy costs will differ based on severity and underlying medical issues so please check with your practitioner.

  3. Sam

    Hi Doc,
    Does masturbation leads to erectile dysfunction ? I herd that a lot. Please explain how does erectile dysfunction really starts?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Masturbation per say does not directly lead to erectile dysfunction. There are multiple causes for that which include psychological issues, metabolic conditions, long standing diseases like hypertension and diabetes mellitus, hormonal issues and to some instances trauma.

      Its a long, chronic process usually that starts with reducing erection hardness amongst other things but can last years without actually getting to a stage where one cannot achieve an erection.

      Please see your practitioner for further explanation.

  4. Chong

    Hey doc,
    I’m just curious, is the electro shock wave safe. Any effect on other organ ? like would it generate a chemical substance to our blood such as acid. I have a very high acid. So I have a gastric issue.

  5. Robert

    Hi Doc,
    I can’t keep a long distance while having sex. I have the desire but my penis gave up early. Why does that happened ? If I have a dysfunction I would not have a desire at all. My friends ask me to get your advice. Please help me up. Is there anything I can do on my part ?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Let me get this straight. You’re talking about ejaculating early, yes? If that’s the case, there are a few studies we need to do to confirm the cause of it but it can be dealt with. You’ll specifically need to keep in good health and nutritional value. Let your practitioner help you with the rest.

  6. Patrick Bane

    Hey man,
    This chick that I banged last night told me I come too soon. It was 20 minute. Can the treatment help me “go” longer. I know you know what I mean. Party has to go on.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      There are other medications and methods of treatment that we can try to help the party go on Patrick. ESWT may not be the answer for you. Come on in for a consult adn we’ll get the issue sorted

  7. Gerry

    Hello Doctor,
    What are the possible complications ?

  8. Eddy

    Hi Doc,
    Will it interact with the medicine I’m taking ? Like for instance Metformin, Sulfonylureas.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Specific medications like nitrites can be complementary to ESWT treatmetns. Medications like B-blockers will have a negative effect following the ESWT treatment as it can be a cause for erectile dysfunction to begin with. Metformin and sulfonylureas are generally pretty safe but we will go over all your current medications before we start the treatment course just to be sure.

  9. Eli

    Hello Doctor,
    Will you do a medical check up first ? Does that include in the package price as well or its a separate price? What if I’m not in the right condition for the treatment ?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Hello Eli,

      Yes, you will have to undergo a medical checkup that includes screening for hormonal issues and other causes of erectile dysfunction. If something else is the root cause of this, we will work on fixing those issues first before we start ESWT treatment sessions.

      This is not included in the price of the treatment sessions.

  10. Danny

    Hi Doctor,
    I have a healthy life style. I work out a lot but nothing heavy. But my ability for sex is declining. Will I get to the point of erectile dysfunction as I age ?

  11. Ali

    Hi doctor,
    Can we prevent erectile dysfunction ?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      With good health, nutrition and maintainance of optimal hormonal conditions, it is possible that you may never experience erectile dysfunction

  12. David

    hello doctor,
    does certain position during sex can damage the penis which will lead to erectile dysfunction?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Damaging the penis can happen if one over-torques it. This can happen if there is vigorous sexual activity done where a partner using too much force of bends the penis unfavourably when rigid. This can happen in nearly any position

  13. Palani

    Hi Doctor,
    What are the pros and cons of this treatment?

  14. Derek

    Hi Doctor,
    How much improvement can I expect ?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      I’ll need to assess your situation and do a full screening and examination before I can give you your expected results Derek

  15. Howard

    Hi Doctor,
    I went through a spinal surgery for slip disk. My performance in bed after that is not spectacular. Does it has anything to do with the surgery ?

  16. Joey

    Hi Doctor,
    Can radiation therapy on pelvic region effects the blood circulation to the penis ?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      In simple terms, no. It may not necessarily disrupt the blood flow to the penis but it can destroy surrounding tissue in the penis causing poor erections and sexual performance

  17. Jeremy

    hello Doctor,
    I was in depression. So I took medication. I’m not an addict, but somehow it feels like my sex life is not as exciting as before. Is it because of the pills ? Should I stop taking it ? But what about my depression? I have to be on the medication too. Please help me out.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Yes Jeremy, antidepressants can lower libido and affect sexual performance. I’d be happy to assess you and provide alternatives to your issues.

  18. Aron

    Hi Doctor,
    If I’m taking Viagra is there a time period to clear off before going to the Erectile Dysfunction Shock Wave Therapy ? I don’t feel good about these pills cuz I only buy it online without any advice from any medical practitioner. So I’m looking for options. Plus I herd that there’s heart complications from it.

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      We dont recommend using Viagra much but whilst undergoing ESWT therapy, my patients are always on a PDE5 inhibitor concurrently.

  19. Jeff

    Hey Doctor,
    What side effects associated with ED pills?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      With Cialis, nearly none unless you have an existing medical condition that interferes with the functioning of a PDE5 inhibitor

  20. Greg

    Hi Doc,
    If I’m taking traditional remedies, can it go along with the Shock Wave Therapy ?

  21. Casper

    Hi Doc,

    What is the approximate costs for medical tests and treatment?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      You’ll need to come in for a consultation to go over the issues then I can give you a better approximation of treatment prices

  22. me israfil

    Hi doctor,
    I m a married person.But I m not able to satisfy my wife. Just in 4 to 5 mins my penis give up,you know what I mean!. Is there any medical treatment that can help me?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      There definitely is treatment available. Please arrange for a consultation with the clinic and let me help you with this

  23. Vin

    Hi doc,

    1) I’m not diabetic, no high BP, I eat healthy, I workout, could I still be a victim of ED? I realised over time, slowly but surely my performance declined, erection isn’t firm anymore, amount of semen reduced, having problems getting hard, and worse of all, no naturally occurring erection ie morning wood. I had to force to get an erection to ensure I’m still fine by watching porn. Probably a blocked blood vessel?

    2) I work in SG and I can’t make frequent visits to KL for the treatment. The branch in SG charges too much. What would you reckon? Any private hospitals in JB equipped with EWST?

    Thank you!

    • Vin

      Oh and I forgot to mention, it all started when I was 29. Abit too early for a person to be experiencing ED?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Sorry, I do not know of any other center offering ESWT near you. I’d be happy to go through the causes and treatment options with you though

  24. Vin

    Hi doc,

    I’m only turning 30 this year, I eat healthy, I workout, I don’t have any diseases, but I don’t seem to have natural erection anymore. No more morning wood, and it definitely is hard to get it erected. Even if it does, the stiffness isn’t there and it doesn’t last. Am I having ED? Also, speaking of EWST, if I can’t make it for frequent treatment, can it be done once a month? Thank you

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      You could be having ED. Its not a problem of old age. A multitude of factors can cause these issues. Please come in for a consult and we’ll systematically go through them

  25. rama

    hi doc i m 56 yrs i have ed for d last 10 yrs first i take pills once . i have hypertension and now abt 3 yrs having diabetic , now i take stenafil citrate prescribed by my pharmacist. i take once a week also. can i be treated for ewst tq

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Sure, please come in for a consultation and we’ll assess your risk and suitability then decide on ESWT as a therapy option for you

  26. Zack

    Hi Dr.
    Is there any risk in the long term ?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      None have been reported. It is basically technology where we use ultrasound shock waves to stimulate new vessel growth. There is no use of hormones or anything that can cause long term adverse effects.

  27. Jenny

    Hi Doctor,

    I’m suspecting that my husband having ED problem. He tried to hide something from me, couldn’t find out. Even I asked him directly but he keeps saying that he don’t have any problems like that. But then he avoiding me and we sleep separately. What I should do now? There is any test can find out whether he really have any men’s problems or not?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Yes, there are multiple tests for this. Just come on by and we’ll sort this out. No worries 🙂

      • Jenny

        Doctor how much it will cost? For the test and scanning all?

        • Dr. Kaarthig

          Come on by the clinic and we can discuss this further. There are multiple things that we can/need to do based on the current condition of the person.

  28. Rajib

    Hi doctor,
    I have nerve damage in penis. Small nerve came out with urinate after I injured my penis while intercourse. Can this treatment help regenerate nerve?

    • Dr. Kaarthig

      Im not sure I follow on how a nerve can come out. I’d prefer if we can meet in person and discuss this. Call into the clinic to make an appointment when you’re ready right.

      Thank you.

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