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Unusually big crowds and long queues were seen in supermarkets, shoppers were snapping up pasta, canned food and toilet paper. In another city, supermarkets revealed that rice, cooking oil and instant noodles were flying off the shelves. There were also problems in obtaining face masks and hand sanitisers. People were panic buying. This was not

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially named the virus SARS-CoV2 causing the condition named COVID-19. As the Novel Coronavirus continues to infect people around the world, news articles and social media posts about the outbreak continue to spread online. Unfortunately, this relentless flood of information can make it difficult to separate fact from fiction

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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis

Have you ever had fear of standing back up after resting from the run or walk you just accomplished 20 minutes ago?  Ever wake up in the morning, step out of bed and feel a sharp pain on the bottom of your foot?  You might realize that you walk dependently on the outside edge of

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Smoking Cessation

1st January 2020 marked an important day in Malaysia. Starting January, smokers are not allowed to take a puff in any of the 150,000 eateries in Malaysia. The smoking ban comes in full effect. The ban applies to all food outlets from restaurants to food courts, both indoors and outdoors as smokers and vapers have to be at least 3 metres away

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Getting Heart Attack At A Young Age

It’s becoming much more common nowadays to hear about someone getting a heart attack at a really young age. What we initially thought was an old man’s disease is now proving to complicate the lives of much younger men and women alike. I remember the youngest person I attended to years ago with a heart

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Mole Removal

Everyone has moles on their skin. Some are born with them, some appear later in life. Most of the time, we ignore them because they do not give problems. Concerns arise when they appear on our face, especially when the moles are big or protruding, because they are unsightly. After all, face is the first

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