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Testicular Self-Exam

Every man should have a testicular exam. The question is, when?  There is no recommendation that a testicular exam should be part of your annual physical exam. But your doctor may suggest that you do a self-exam on a regular basis. Most doctors agree that examining a man’s testicles should be part of a general

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Pemeriksaan payudara secara sendiri, atau pemeriksaan payudara secara berkala pada diri sendiri boleh menjadi kaedah yang penting untuk mengesan kanser payudara tahap awal agar ia lebih cenderung dirawat dengan jayanya. Walaupun tiada ujian yang boleh mengesan semua kanser payudara tahap awal, yakin bahawa melakukan pemeriksaan payudara  secara sendiri dengan gabungan kaedah pemeriksaan yang lain

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Ulser Bahagian Sulit: Apakah Yang Menyebabkan Ulser Pada Bahagian Sulit?

Ulser merupakan rekahan pada epitelium atau lapisan sel paling atas pada permukaan tubuh. Ulser tersebut boleh muncul dalam mulut anda, usus dan juga pada bahagian bahagian sulit. Dalam artikel ini, kami akan berbincang tentang beberapa punca ulser pada bahagian sulit. Ulser bahagian sulit boleh muncul pada zakar, faraj, dan sekeliling anus. Punca yang paling biasa

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Testicular Cancer & Prostate Cancer

Men, young and old, listen up! The major health risks for ALL men include both prostate cancer and testicular cancer. The good news is that both cancers have high cure rates and can be successfully treated, as long as the cancer is detected early and has not spread to other parts of the body. Prostate

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Male Stereotyping & Mental Health

A handful of well known male artists have passed away due to depression that no one knew they actually had it! Many of the same difficulties are experienced by both men and women. It takes greater strength for anyone to open up but it’s a lot harder for a man to do. Anyone can hide

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HIV Anxiety

I feel numb! My muscles are painful! My mouth is dry! Are these related to STIs? Do i have HIV? Am I going crazy? Please help me doctor!  These are the most common questions one would ask when they had a risky encounter recently. So? Do they really have STI? Do these symptoms actually mean

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What is Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)? Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is a fertility treatment that involves placing sperm inside a woman’s uterus to facilitate fertilization and is the first line of treatment especially when no fertility problem is identified. During natural conception, the sperm has to travel from the vagina through the cervix, into the uterus, and

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Profilaksis Pra-Pendedahan Kepada HIV

HIV PrEP adalah singkatan untuk Human Immunodeficiency Virus Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. PrEP ialah ubat yang diambil setiap hari untuk mengurangkan risiko untuk menjangkiti HIV. Ia merupakan ubat yang bertindak sama seperti tablet untuk mencegah malaria atau ubat pencegah kehamilan yang diambil setiap hari. PrEP tidak patut dikelirukan dengan PEP, iaitu Profilaksis Selepas Pendedahan atau Post-Exposure Prophylaxis.

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Breast Self examination

How To Self Examine Your Breasts for Lumps

Breast self-exam (BSE), or regularly examining your breasts on your own, can be an important way to find breast cancer early when it’s more likely to be treated successfully. While no single test can detect all breast cancers early, believes that performing breast self-exam in combination with other screening methods can increase the odds

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