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Dr. Gunasunthari Rajoo

Dr. Gunasunthari Rajoo ialah seorang graduasi tempatan. Beliau menerima Ijazah sarjana muda MBBS dari MAHSA UNIVERSITY Petaling Jaya. Selepas menamatkan ‘housemanship” di Hospital Kajang, beliau telah berpindah ke Hospital Tunku Ampuan Najihah untuk berkhidmat sebagai Pegawai Perubatan di bidang Psikiatri sehingga baru-baru ini. Beliau telah dilatih untuk mengendali pelbagai jenis pesakit psikiatri. Beliau juga ada

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HIV Anxiety

I feel numb! My muscles are painful! My mouth is dry! Are these related to STIs? Do i have HIV? Am I going crazy? Please help me doctor!  These are the most common questions one would ask when they had a risky encounter recently. So? Do they really have STI? Do these symptoms actually mean

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I’m Afraid To Test For HIV!

Did you know, that despite having 98% of effectiveness in preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STD) while using a condom (if used perfectly) there still are chances for one to contract it. Condoms protect against various STDs with different efficacies as well. It may be up to 99% in terms of preventing things like HIV, but

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Non-Gonococcal Urethritis (NGU)

Non-Gonococcal Urethritis (NGU)

So picture this, you’re about to engage in the hottest iteration of a bedroom activity you can think of. Just before you get it on, you remember that if it (condom) ain’t on, it ain’t on. We know that using protection methods like a condom greatly reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as

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