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Women's Health Clinic

Established in 2005, our Women’s health clinic has been supporting healthy and striving women in Singapore for the past 12 years.

Every woman is unique and differ in countless of ways from one another. Especially in a country like Malaysia, which is a melting pot of different race and cultures, the risk profiles of medical conditions vary between one another.

Our team offers each and every woman individualised and holistic care regardless of age, race or social class.

Our doctors are well versed in multiple aspects of women’s health and attend to a comprehensive range of women’s issues

All our doctors are certified in Malaysia and professionally trained to assist you in your medical needs.

Women's Health Services

1.) Gynaecology

2.) Sexual Health

3.) Dermatology

4.) General medicine

5.) Cardiovascular health

6.) Women’s wellness and nutrition

7.) Women’s cancer screening and vaccination

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