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White patches on your skin – What does it mean?

Do you spot white patches on areas of your skin and are uncertain of what they actually are? Those white spots you see could be due to: Sunspots (Guttate Hypomelanosis) Tinea versicolor Pityriasis alba Vitiligo   Symptoms & Causes   Sunspots Sunspots are defined porcelain-white depigmented skin patches, often 5mm in diameter. They tend to

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PORN: How much is too much?

So, you’re done with the cooking and cleaning for the day, answered the work calls you had, video called your parents, watched two movies on Netflix and now you’ve no idea what else to do. You then start browsing the online stores for a while and eventually end up at a porn site. You are

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How does your vagina smell?


Yeah, we’ve seen those scented tampons ads too. And it seems to us like all that flowery sunshine is another example of the world getting vaginas all wrong. Just take a quick trip to your local drugstore. You’ll find a wall full of products promising to mask the natural way your vagina smells. Like douching.

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Viagra, Levitra, Cialis

Cialis | Viagra | Levitra: Their Differences, Similarities and Which Is Better For You?

You want some sexy time but having difficulties with your basement? Are you facing erectile dysfunction (ED)? Do you think its nature’s way of telling no “hard” feelings? There are many pills, creams and things offered online to help with such situations, but are they safe? You would have done multiple researches online to find

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social distancing


By now, you’ve heard the advice that to slow the spread of coronavirus around the world, we need to practice social distancing. On 17/3/2020, our Prime Minister announced new guidelines for the next two weeks, urging Malaysians to avoid gathering in groups of more than 30 people, to avoid discretionary travel, shopping trips, or social

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covid 19 MY


Unusually big crowds and long queues were seen in supermarkets, shoppers were snapping up pasta, canned food and toilet paper. In another city, supermarkets revealed that rice, cooking oil and instant noodles were flying off the shelves. There were also problems in obtaining face masks and hand sanitisers. People were panic buying. This was not

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social distancing


The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially named the virus SARS-CoV2 causing the condition named COVID-19. As the Novel Coronavirus continues to infect people around the world, news articles and social media posts about the outbreak continue to spread online. Unfortunately, this relentless flood of information can make it difficult to separate fact from fiction

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Lymphogranuloma Venereum

What is LGV? LGV is short for Lymphogranuloma Venereum. It is an infection of the urinary tract, throat and/or rectum. The main culprits of LGV are three different kinds of Chlamydia, a STD/ STI (sexually transmitted infection) However, the same bacteria that cause genital Chlamydia does not cause LGV.  It is very common in Africa,

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